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GPC members

  • generate $12.4 billion in total business activity, about 14% of GDP.
  • produce exports totalling $8.9 billion in value (31% of total NZ exports)
  • employ 27,000 people directly and another 79,000 indirectly

The GPC was formally set up in 1996 and has played an active and constructive part in the Climate Change debate since that time.

The Science:  The Coalition accepts there is growing evidence of a causal connection between observed changes in the global climate and human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases.  The Coalition considers there is sufficient scientific evidence to warrant the adoption of appropriate precautionary public policy measures.

The Kyoto Protocol:  A large proportion of New Zealand's emissions arise from sectors that are key drivers of the economy.  In contrast, emissions in most other developed countries largely come from mature, low growth sectors.  In the medium term therefore, the Kyoto Protocol represents a significant risk to the NZ economy.

Climate change public policy should reflect these issues and should therefore be moderate and measured until such time as it is appropriate, and justified, to be otherwise.



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